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Starting a New Life — Resources and Passion

ShareTweet STARTING A NEW LIFE We have finally come to the point at which starting a new life will require you to make some practical decisions.  The next few articles will talk about the opportunities that are open to you.  Some may not look like  anything you would ever want to do. That’s all right.  The […]

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Setting Personal Goals — Embrace the New Year

ShareTweet SETTING PERSONAL GOALS — EMBRACE THE NEW YEAR I hope you are all having a warm, safe, and happy holiday season surrounded by people you love.  Unfortunately, there are far too many people in the world for whom that is just not the case.  And part of our approach to Christmas should be to […]

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Entrepreneurial Ideas — Vehicles to Success

ShareTweet Entrepreneurial Ideas — Vehicles to Success So far in this blog you have learned  how to dream again, just in case you had forgotten.  At least you have sharpened your dream skills.  You then learned how to turn those dreams into practical long term goals and how to break those down into annual goals […]

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Realistic Goals — Making Adjustments

ShareTweet REALISTIC GOALS In the last article in this blog Can I Be Successful? –Believe in Yourself I talked about looking at your long term financial goals and deciding whether they are realistic goals.  Whether you can achieve your goals is not the issue.  Of course you can!  The question is whether you have the […]

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Can I Be Successful? — Believe in Yourself

ShareTweet CAN I BE SUCCESSFUL? In the last blog article I showed you how to set five year goals and how to break them down into four, three, two, and one year goals.  But then I asked the question that I know some of you were asking,  “What if my goals (especially financial) are really […]

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Long Term Goals — Achievable Dreams

ShareTweet LONG TERM GOALS LONG TERM GOALS AND PRACTICAL DREAM BUILDING Long term goals and breaking those down into shorter term goals are what make dreaming practical.  What you are going to do now is not quite as much fun as writing your story, but the likelihood of actually achieving your dreams without this step […]

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Personal Vision Statement — Your Story

ShareTweet PERSONAL VISION STATEMENT — YOUR STORY Your personal vision statement, aka your story, is the first step in transitioning your dreams from the status of pipe dreams to being practical and attainable.  Do you wonder what your future will be like but can’t really think past next week?   That may be because you are […]

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Your List of Values and Your Goals

ShareTweet YOUR LIST OF VALUES AND YOUR GOALS One more element that should effect how you set your goals  is your own personal list of values — your value system. For good or bad, we all have a list of values, whether we have ever written those down or not.  Or even thought much about […]

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Life Goals — Making a List

ShareTweet LIFE GOALS — MAKING A LIST Overcoming Obstacles to Success In previous posts I have talked a lot about dream building.  Why?  Because the inability to dream, the inability to really imagine oneself in a very different circumstance, is one of the biggest obstacles most people have in trying to be successful. They not […]

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How to Change Your Attitude

ShareTweet HOW TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE You probably agree that having a winning attitude is crucial to success but have no real clue about how to change your attitude.  Most of us don’t.  One of the problems most of us have is that we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot reach our dreams.  […]

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