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Your personal vision statement, aka your story, is the first step in transitioning your dreams from the status of pipe dreams to being practical and attainable. 

Do you wonder what your future will be like but can’t really think past next week?   That may be

Your may have trouble writing your  personal vision statement if you can't see past your current problems.

It is hard to plan your future when you are fighting for survival today.

because you are so bogged down in paying the rent and getting the kids school supplies that you can’t think of anything else. Or you may have just not ever thought very long term.  Of course, it is also possible that you have thought about your long term future but have never really defined what it should look like.  After  all, you didn’t actually have a way to change your future, so it really didn’t matter much.  

 The roadblocks that have always kept you from  seeing your future clearly or affecting it in a positive way are about to become relics of your past.  The vehicle to get you to your future will be discussed later, but you are about to take a very exciting step.  You are going to write your story.  It could also be called your personal vision statement.  But you are going to write it differently from the way most people would teach you to do it.  This won’t be a short statement of your vision.  It will be a story, in great detail, of the way your life will look in the future.   All good leaders have the ability to clearly see the future as they want it to be.   That is called vision.  This is a good place to expand your ability to see the future.  You will need to have a vision for your business and your personal future depends on

Your vision statement is ready to be written.

Your future is yours to shape if you have the courage to do what it takes.

your having a personal vision statement as well.   All this is preparation for actually making your dreams come true. It is the first step in transitioning from dreaming to goal-setting.  You are about to take the first step toward making your dreams practical.

Although it may not be absolutely required, it would be

extremely helpful if your spouse or partner is on board

with this whole exercise.  If he or she is going to be a part

of your long term future, it is only logical that he or she

plays a role in planning the future as well.  You might

write a joint story or write separate stories and coordinate

the two stories together or you might just get input into

your story.  But the greater the role your spouse plays in

planning the future, the smoother the ride to success will



Don’t forget to put today’s date at the top of the page.  That is mandatory.  Every journey has a beginning and an end.  You have to mark your beginning.  Then go out five years and start writing.  You are going to describe a beautiful moment in time.  Your life will have changed drastically.  You may not have reached all of your goals in five years, but success is a journey, not a destination.  When you achieve your goals, you will find yourself on a higher mountain from where you have ever been before and from which you will be able to see new possibilities that were hidden from you in the past.  And you will have the desire to create an even bigger future for yourself.   And you will have the tools to make those new dreams come true.    


When you talk about a point five years from now, refer to everything in the present tense.  That does two things.  It is sobering to talk about your age five years from now, for example,  in the present tense.  “It is May 3, 2018, and I am (whatever age you will be at that moment in time.) years old.”   This can give you a chilling sense of realism.  But it will also help you to see more clearly and with more reality what you really do want your life to be.  Sometimes when we quit thinking about a vague future that we probably will never get to and start talking about the future as if it were already here, it gives us a belief and a sense of urgency that we never had before. 


Then you simply start describing your life in great detail.  What does your house look like – in great detail?  You can even talk about square footage, how many rooms and what do they look like and what are they used for.  What are the grounds like.  Do you have a pool, tennis courts, horses, etc.   What is your work life like?  How much money do you make?  What is your net worth?  What is your family life like?  What are your civic activities?  What are your social activities?  What is your spiritual life like?  Describe all facets of your life.  What does your overall life look like, in detail?

 To simplify things, you may want to look at each area and answer some of those questions in short sentence answers before you start.  For example: 

Your vision statement shoudl be as detailed as possible.

Add as much detail as possible to make your dream more vivid.

What type of house am I living in?  A bigger one.  Three bedrooms, at least.  And a two bathrooms…  Finally!  …Oh, and I want some trees and flowers. …And a horse.  Yeah, I need room to have a horse. 

 You get the idea?  This can be fun.  The more detail you add, the more exciting your dream will be.  That will help to make the goals that come out of your dreams more exciting as well.  And remember, your goals must be exciting to you or you just won’t have the burning desire to reach them that you will need to be successful.

Put as much detail as possible into your five year story.  This becomes your personal vision statement.  This is the way you want your life to look in five years.  The details will not all come true.  You may even change your mind about some of the details with the passage of time.  But the details will help you to reach out and touch your dream.  You have to see it and feel it.   If you don’t, you can’t get there.  Every dream will not seem to be within your control.  Put it in, anyway.  After all, at this point it is still a dream.  Practical dreaming requires that you first see the dream clearly.  Then you will be able to set goals that are crystal clear.

Paul J. Meyer  says  “If you are not making the progress

that you would like to make and are capable of making, it

is simply because your goals are not clearly defined.”  

If your goals are defined clearly enough, they will move you in the direction of the dream.  But before that can happen, your dream itself must be so vivid, so crystal clear, so highly defined that you can reach out from where you are right now and believe that you can touch it.  It must be REAL.  If it is, when the time comes, your magic ship just might appear and take you to your own personal star.  Your dreams can come true. 


Let me know about your success or lack of it in the past and what you have gotten from this blog so far to set you on a new path.  Please  leave a comment.  I would like to hear from you.  And if you leave your contact information at the top right corner of this page, I will also send you notification anytime I add a new article to  the blog.

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    Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I
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      Thanks. I have not been doing any on the site for awhile. You are giving me good encouragement to do so.

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