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This blog is meant to stimulate your thinking.  Only you can achieve your goals but I can provide some tools to help you on your journey. I can help you to create your own roadmap to success.  It has to be yours.  Everyone has a different roadmap.  There are lots of routes to get to success.  You have to map out your own.

To achieve your goals, obviously you should first actually HAVE some goals.  And you really should have some dreams, too. What is the difference between goals and dreams?  A lot of people will tell you dreaming is impractical.  So goals are what make your dreams achievable.  Goals could be described as practical dreams.  This blog will take you from dreaming to actually achieving those dreams. To achieve your dreams and goals, you must have a vehicle to navigate your roadmap to success so you can arrive at your destination.  Indeed, your vehicle itself becomes part of your roadmap to success.  Although many of the principles we will talk about can be used in any facet of your life or in any type of career, this blog is designed to help those of you who want to achieve your dreams and goals through ownership of a business. If you don’t have any desire to start a business or grow an existing business, stick around anyway.  The concepts you find here will help with any goals.  But if you do want to open a business,  it doesn’t matter whether your desire is  to work full time or part time. It doesn’t matter whether your ambition is to grow a chain of locations with  millions of dollars in annual sales or whether it is to work a part time network marketing business out of your home to help pay the family’s monthly bills.  Business ownership may be the vehicle to success that you have been looking for.


Larry Buckley can help you to create your roadmap to success.

Larry Buckley

My name is Larry Buckley.  I have a wife, four grown kids, two dogs, three cats — the usual stuff. I am a Vietnam vet,  so my early years out of high school were pretty tumultuous.  But eventually I settled down.   I studied political science in college so that I could be sure to get a job.  Right!   I wasn’t thinking too logically in those days.  What can I say?  I was young..

Even with my self inflicted handicaps, I did manage to find a job  — in business.  I worked for Kinko’s,  a chain of business services stores  that allowed me the best of different worlds. (To learn more about Kinko’s, read Copy This by Paul Orfalea or E Pluribus Kinko’s by Dean Zatkowsky . We had a complicated structure that I won’t even attempt to explain but within that structure over a period of seventeen years  I was able to be a store manager, regional manager and finally one of the partners.  The partnerships were smaller corporations so I was able to participate in the growth of a billion dollar company (the combined sales of the main corporation and partnership corporations) and also grow my own partnership that had a few million dollars in annual sales.  The company was re-organized and eventually sold.  In the process the partnerships were dissolved, so I was on my own again.

I spent a couple of years helping companies to develop leaders in their organizations and then joined a company where I would be able to work with businesses to offer them solutions to some common challenges but can also work with individuals to help them to achieve their goals.  I have the freedom to be an entrepreneur and develop a team of talented people.

I have always developed leaders.  Any goal I have ever achieved has been through the help of talented people, whether those people be family, friends, or co-workers.  I have never been able to do this alone.  In Kinko’s  I developed and helped with national and regional training that allowed people to grow within the company and to develop leadership skills they could use in any endeavor they had in the future whether with our company or somewhere else.  My passion is still to give others the tools to achieve great things, to develop their own personal roadmap to success.  .

This blog is simply an extension of what I have done most of my adult life.  I like to give people vehicles to succeed if they choose to use them.  That’s who I am and that’s what this is all about.


If you like what I am writing and find it useful, I would really like to hear from you  Leave a comment or sign up for more information if you would like.  There are huge opportunities in today’s world and I hope I can help you to find yours.



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