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I am Larry Buckley.  I live in Arkansas with my wife and some dogs and cats and a lot of deer and squirrels and the like.  I don’t own the wildlife and am not sure that the cats don’t own me.  My children are grown, but that doesn’t mean I have slowed down.  I still have dreams.  And goals.  I have been blessed with some tremendous opportunities in life and have learned some things along the way.  I have sometimes implemented my knowledge well and had some success as a result. The concepts I want to share with you are not of my invention.  They are principles that have helped millions of people to succeed over a long period of time.  Many of these people have had financial success through growing a business enterprise. Many have had huge success.  The principles work for all endeavors but this blog emphasizes that approach.


To dream the impossible dream.  Impossible?  We are told that with enough faith, we can move mountains.  Of course, it probably takes some action in there, too.  But most success in life starts with a dream.  And many dreams seem impossible and unreachable.  How to make those dreams practical?  That is the dilemma and that is what this blog is all about.

Is it automatic?  Are there guarantees?  No.  Life is an adventure.  You have to first believe in rainbows.  And leprechauns.  You have to believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  And then you have to find the end of the rainbow, overcoming all the obstacles in the form of the leprechauns who don’t particularly want you to find the gold.  A little of the Luck of the Irish is helpful.  But if all those things come together, the result can be amazing.  And you ARE guaranteed that you will never achieve your dreams and find the pot of gold if you don’t start.  You have to take the first step.  I can provide the tools to take the first step and many more.

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